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Updated: 2019-11-07




The company designs and manufacturers various kinds of the parts or components made of aluminum casting. Because automotive industry is at the forefront of this trend looking for effective alternatives to cut down on weight without sacrificing durability, which is under constant pressure to adhere to increasingly strict fuel economy standards. With CAFE standards becoming increasingly stringent, automobile manufacturers have been forced to continually find new ways to increase fuel economy. It has been the primary strategy that manufactures lighter vehicles to improve gas mileage, and the use of aluminum parts that replace steel parts has been the most popular method to reduce vehicle weight. Over time, aluminum has been progressively incorporated into automotive doors, trunks, hoods, and engines. Today, aluminum makes up a much more significant percentage of the vehicle.


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CAD Engineer, Department of Product and Process Engineering, AMCAN CASTINGS LTD., Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA [2001-2002]  


> Metal castings design for the automotive and aerospace industries, design of automotive parts for casting operation in collaboration with FORD Motor Company, U.S.A. using C3PO (formerly SDRC IDEAS Masters Series CAD package)





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