CV-Professional Experience-Industrial (Webasto AG)

Updated: 2019-11-07




Our Inspiration Drives the World of Mobility. With passion for technologies and innovations, we develop highly efficient quality products around the vehicle. Sunroofs and panorama roofs, hardtops and soft-tops for convertibles, heating and cooling systems, charging solutions and battery systems – products and services from Webasto offer a special plus in terms of comfort, safety and efficiency. For over 20 years, Webasto has been providing students with warmth and school districts with pre-conditioned engine and exhaust systems. Webasto heaters improve bus reliability, as well as reducing fuel usage, engine and DPF maintenance and emissions in all climates. A market leader of engine-off diesel heating solutions for Heavy Duty Trucks. Webasto offers cutting-edge solutions to improve after treatment performance, reduce idle-time, reduce fuel consumption and reduce engine maintenance by pre-conditioning the engine prior to starting the main power unit. 


Project Coordinator, Department of Engineering, WEBASTO A.G., Istanbul, TURKEY [2002-2003]  


> Development of air conditioning systems for passenger buses (Management of a development project from design to manufacturing for retrofittable roof-top air-conditioning system for cooling the bus; the driver’s cabin and passenger compartment for Mercedes TR, MAN TR, TEMSA companies)





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