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Türkter Shipyard A.S.


Establishment of an effective project planning system for ship-making using Microsoft Project (This project aimed to develop a MS Project scheduling program for a shipyard manufacturer in order to plan and effectively manage all-required activities from to design to submission to the customer, in terms of time, money and resource bases)


Istanbul, Turkey


Siemens AG-Turkey A.S.

(as M.Sc. work)


Simulation of a mold manufacturing facility using simulation (In this work, first the data playing an important role on system performance, from real-life system is gathered to use simulation model. To get more reliable data, the system is observed for a temporary period of time. In other words, a certain number of molds are observed and obtained their data for statistical analysis. Then, actual system is modeled under certain assumptions using SIMAN simulation package. And the model is run and the results are obtained and compared with the results obtained from the real system to approve whether the model run is as desired or not. Having been approved that the model produces the expected results, different investment strategies as simulation scenarios are tested and the results are also evaluated to determine the most appropriate strategy. The model parameters can be modified by user who has not deep experience of simulation method. One of the biggest problems faced during the model building is that SIMAN simulation language provides a limited memory. Because all data obtained during the simulation study is saved in files, as the data size increases, memory problems is emerged)


Istanbul, Turkey


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