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Ören Kablo Sistemleri Elektrik San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Ören Kablo entered into cable manufacturing sector with the manufacture of coaxial cables in 1979. Making up its principle to determine its strategies by continually following up the demands of the customers and development of its competitors taking place in the coaxial cable market and segment since its establishment, Ören Kablo has always succeeded to make the best use of advance technology in product and service production to provide customer satisfaction and loyalty in rapidly changing business world. 

InoSuit (Innovation-Focused Mentorship Project) by TIM and Sabancı University



Boytas Mobilya San. ve Tic. A.S. (currently managed by TMSF)

Manufactures panel furniture and kitchens for İstikbal, Bellona, Mondi brands. Adjacent to the headquarters building redesigned and reopened in 2009, the construction of a new logistics warehouse in order to store raw materials and products was completed and the warehouse is now active. In Boytas companies have been using a lot of methodologies like lean six sigma and KAIZEN for improving and developing processes. Boytaş gives priority to R&D studies to develop innovation activities. Boytaş is the first company which got Turkey Design Award given by the Turkish Patent Institute. EFQM Excellent Model is based as a management model. In this context, Boytaş had National Quality Award in 2012 given by Turkey Quality Association (KAL-DER). It was ranked 120th in the biggest 500 companies of Turkey questionnaire based on the sales of 2015.

InoSuit (Innovation-Focused Mentorship Project) by TIM and Sabancı University




InoSuit (Innovation-Focused Mentorship Project) by TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) and Sabancı University, Turkey (The InoSuit project is designed in collaboration and ownership of TIM. The project aims to bridge academicians /experts from academia as mentors with companies in order to design and implement tailor-made Corporate Innovation Systems for each company, increase their innovative capabilities, and hence, their competitiveness in a sustainable way)




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