CV-Mentoring-Consulting-Training Services (Service Areas)

Updated: 2019-12-12



> Mentoring and Consulting (not limited)

for Companies

       New Product Development, Concurrent Engineering and Service Design

       Corporate Innovation System Design

       Innovation Capacity and Performance Assessment

       Technology Roadmap and Tracking

       R&D Project Management

       Enrichment Innovation Culture and Organization Management

       Establishing of Computer-Aided Systems (CAx) in Manufacturing Systems

       Other Topics in the Field of Industrial Engineering


for Institutions

       Building a Quality Assurance System in Higher Edu. for YK Quality Council

       Engineering Program Certification Preparation for MDEK


> Training (not limited, customized, and given in Turkish/English on demand)

       Quality Assurance Systems in Higher Education

       How to Prepare on MDEK Accreditation of Engineering Programs

       Innovation Management

       Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

       Preparing Business Plan for Companies

       ISO 9000 Quality Management System

       Management in Family Business

       Vision, Mission and Strategic Planning

       Performance Evaluation

       Efficiency and Productivity Studies

       SWOT Analysis

       Balanced Scorecard 

       Efficient Process Management and Process Improvement

       Workplace Organization (5S)

       Purchasing and Logistics Management

       Total Quality Management (TQM)

       Statistical Process Control

       Production Planning and Control

       Cell Manufacturing and Group Technology

       Modern Management Methods

       Lean Manufacturing and Organization

       Just-in-Time (JIT)

       Management Information Systems


       Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

       Cost Reduction Methods

       Investment Planning and Feasibility Studies

       Facility Design and Plant Layout

       Project Management

       Time Study



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