Educational Philosophy

Updated: 2021-01-15





Teaching is the art of making students think. My instruction is highly interactive. This exchange of ideas helps both the instructor and students gain from the exchange. Some of the best ideas come from a fresh perspective. My teaching philosophy emphasizes connecting the subject matter to what is happening in the real world. The text is supplemented with appropriate journals, newspaper articles, and cases. Current topics in line with the subject matter are discussed. My experience in industry allows me to keep the course work relevant and interesting. The students should have a sense that they can use this course work to help advance their careers.


A good professor must know what he or she wants the students to come away with at the end of the course. The specifics of this goal will shape the choices of assignments and supplemental materials. The input of the dean and consultation with the instructors of any immediate pre- or post-requisite courses need to be considered here. Assignments should be challenging and make an impression.


Good presentation is the key to successful instructional learning. The subject matter should be second nature to the professor. He or she should be able to answer basic questions without referring to the text or supplemental materials. The day’s topic should be discussed in a conversational tone. Notes should be only a reference and rarely read from directly. 


A good professor makes the expectations he or she has of the students known at the beginning of the course. Grading should be fair and properly distributed among assignments and exams. One poor mark should not cause a student to give up. There should be an opportunity to improve. A good professor should make it clear he or she is available to students for one on one consultation when necessary. Poorly performing students should be especially encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.


Finally, one must have a love for teaching to succeed. This means constant examination and improvement of the process. My teaching skills are constantly re-examined to be improved upon. It is an iterative cycle of process improvement.





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